Et voila Shanghai!

by Omatic Design

C'est lui!

MSSR. SPIELBERG has managed to bring Tintin, the clever boy reporter, his sodden nautical buddy and his precocious dog to the big screen. It comes with great reviews and middling box office receipts, but Steven is not going to be eating ramen.

I haven’t seen it yet. It doesn’t look like the Tintin I know. I also haven’t been to a 3-D movie yet because I resent the idea that I have to wear glasses to see something. So I’ll just sit here grousing like a 120 year old man and wait for my vision to fail.

In any case, Tintin has always been an overseas phenomenon, even being translated into Esperanto for the three Esperanto readers out there. I picked up on the magic when I was euro-comics-crazy kid. I made my first purchase of a Tintin hardcover (in French) at a garage sale. It’s to everyone’s credit that they made the effort to bring his adventures to the pop-drunk American public. It might be pissing in the wind, but props are due. I highly recommend you check out the comics. They’re pure delight.

This is a photo of a tray. Why the hell I bought a Tintin tray when I arrived in Paris and hauled it in a backpack all over Europe is a subject of conjecture the world over, but I still have an awesome tray that you envy. Admit it.

I’ve a deep adoration of HergĂ©’s creation. It’s nice that they’ve made the effort to bring him here. I guess I gotta go see the movie.