Which Advertising Experience Would You Prefer?

by Omatic Design

Consumer choicelessness.

ALL APOLOGIES, but what dimtwit came up with this? Actually, sorry, sorry. That was harsh. I’d like to retract the “apologies” part.

Hulu is the great promoter of this misguided model. Why would I give shit? And why would I have a preference when I haven’t seen the damned spot? Or even, as they assume, not know the product?

The forced interactive nature of this kind of advertising is garbage, designed only to get metrics. We The People don’t care what you’re selling unless we care about your brand or have had a meaningful introduction to it. Having a choice-less choice is no way to engage us. What do we do? We click the first option and spew swear words that tell Dodge to suck it.

The stop/start, very controlled and controlling nature of interactive has created a multi-brand monster. This monster comes and wakes you at 4 a.m. with a shoulder massage and then says, “Oh, am I bothering you? Tough shit. Does this feel good? I didn’t really want an answer.” And it’s a lousy massage.

Not much of an advertising model, this. It’s a great model for angering your potential customers however.

Alleged Consumer Choice, meet Duress and Lost Business.