by Omatic Design

IT’S FUNNY, but not all that funny. I’ve been in an inordinate number of meetings where the proposed color theme for an a brand identity has been shot down based on the client’s preferred sports teams. Simple as that, there’s no way we can use those colors. It would be an insult to God and Man should we use anything that might remind three people of the Norwegian Fancy Pants or the Chicago Whatzits. Oh no, that looks too much like the curling team from Omaha. And I hate Florida’s International Cribbage Consortium so yellow and tan is now the colorway of the Devil.

This is of course arbitrary horse flop. A personal allegiance to another corporation’s colors superceding your own interests in a world of limited color combinations is, shall we say, a little thin. But it comes with the game.

Here in Oregon, we have the U of O Ducks, a green and yellow armada if there ever was one. The colors are sacrosanct and I’ve been kicked in the shins for ever introducing anything approaching the combination. Ducks fans are legion. I once had a bitter client say I couldn’t use anything that whispered of the colors because her husband was such a Duck’s fan that it compromised their marriage.

Now we have a new team in town, anointed The Portland Timbers. It’s some alleged sport called “soccer” where things get kicked around and men run a lot. It’s also all about green and yellow. How this colorway got through is a mystery to me. It’s perfect for the Northwest, mind you, but it seems to have mystically circumvented regional prejudices.

I grudgingly admit I have to do a brand identity double take when I see their ads.