Fluff Post

by Omatic Design

Yo mama says you ugly.

CONGRATULATIONS to The Huffington Post for being among the most trafficked sites on the intertubes. Additional kudos for being among the most ill-designed and experience-free denizens of the Wild World of Web 2-Pointless.

Every time I bring up the site, it blasts me with some kind of alarming looking headline that turns out to be just a typographic hammer to the head. The rest is just a nightmare of tags, icons, garbled layouts and intrusive advertising. It seems that what passes for design these days wouldn’t stand up to a freshman design school crit even even if you bribed the teacher. As for the quality of journalism…well, I’ll let a journalist blogger handle that side of the coin.


The casualty of making information the only focus will be design and craft. The Tools seem to have won, and I’m not calling anybody names. It’s the Tools—the software, the code, the Internet itself—that take precedence over design. It’s beginning to feel like someone just threw down a bunch of Scrabble squares in front of me and walked away. An associate of mine calls design vs. the tech “the tail chasing the dragon”. I would have thought it had caught up by now. Instead, kontent is king and we face what I consider an experiential dumbing down of our media intake. It used to be that information would come in a considered form, designed to concepts of substance, communication and even beauty. Design, at its core, is about “user experience” to embrace the parlance of our times. We all know what it is and why it’s important. Now we’re fed balderdash. It’s based entirely on an engineer’s concept of functionality, a flawed theory of information deployment and—in the end— utterly devoid of,  or embracing, humanity. It simply can’t be defended from where I sit. BUT: anyone is welcomed to try and I’ll be listening. I don’t use strong words without expecting blowback.

This has been another Lone Voice in the Wilderness Report. Thank you for your kind attentions.