Radioactive Circle R War®

by Omatic Design

"Shut up!" "No YOU shut up!"

HELL HATH no fury like a trademark insulted. Sony Ericsson is suing Clear for having a logo that’s a little too close to home, in fact allegedly next door. They’ve had their beady green eye on Clear for awhile, and as soon as the wireless provider mentioned they would release a handset, SE unplugged their B-Team lawyers from the nutrition tubes to start crackin’ skulls.

A PDF of the filing can be found here if you’re interested in gaining some insight into the mechanics of one company going after another for wearing the same dress to the ball. It may be boring on the surface, but it provides a eye-opening look into the language of the law and the intent with which companies act.

I’m not much aware of Sony Ericsson’s mark due to proactive ignorance but I’m well versed in the Clear mark since they embarked on a megablitz, multichannel marketing campaign in the Portland area to the point where their flyers were under my mattress when I got home.

The Sony Ericsson logo has the look of a mad scientist’s super weapon floating in a gel-like substance, but it has its green merits. It seems however a little thin to be comparing it to the ill-conceived Clear mark which has none. Circle. Green. Curvy stuff. That’s what we’re looking at.

It’s of course not for us consumers to decide these merits. Rather we have our aesthetically attuned court system to take care of all that fuss and to decide whether us consumers will be too confused to separate the brands of an international handset maker and a national wireless provider.

Good luck guys! May the best high-tech orb thingie win or coexist.