Running of the Bull Terriers

by Omatic Design

ANOTHER PIECE created in association with The Wurst Gallery. The charge was to choose a dog breed and get startin’ on the artin’. I impulsively chose the Bull Terrier, he and she of Spuds McKenzie fame, one of the most absurd campaigns in memory. Something about the lovely, Romanesque profile of the terrier compelled me. And believe me, I spent an unprecedented amount of time trying to get that nuanced profile right. And then of course I came up with an atrocious pun that still makes me giggle.

I recall walking into the pop-up gallery and being absolutely stunned by the profound array of media and talent in play. Any ego I had was gladly left at the door. Funny enough, there’s nothing like a dog to bring out the best in a human.

Speaking of ego, I consider this my best piece. I’ve never even touched a Bull Terrier. But the experience left me with a deep affinity for them.

Good pup!