Jeez, Okay, I’m Rejoining Facebook

by Omatic Design



FINE. Grumble. Mutter.

I’m stepping back into the social maelstrom. I had my moment, I said my piece, I got it out of my system. And it was everything I hoped it would and wouldn’t be. Simply put, I left for personal reasons and I return out of professional obligation. I realized that whether I’m sympatico with Facebook or not, the business I’m in demands that at minimum I have access to it. It is after all the premier online channel. And I grudgingly have to admit I’m in The Biz. So here I am.

Having completely severed my ties, I have no “friends” at the moment. I’m starting from scratch. I doubt that I’ll be as active as I was before. It’s like when you sober up. “Huh. I’m really not all that clever.” As dry as it may sound, I’m more interested in the passive connections and the access to advertisers’ pages. I’ll probably post industry stuff and maybe some random bon mots. I’ve provided basically no information about myself but have no illusion that I’m some kind of ghost. The online world will inevitably notice I’m hanging out on the same corner, wearing the same clothes, flipping the same quarter.