Welcome, 2011! (No really)

by Omatic Design

AH, the new year. With the holiday stretch having wrapped up, the first serious Monday comes around. You can hear the collective groan welling up from the city as everyone faces the work week.

For myself, today is especially meaningful since it was but a year ago I tendered my immediate resignation and returned to the independent game. It didn’t look smart on paper at the time (“dumbass” is a word that was thrown around), but retrospect says it was the best move I could have ever made. And, as time slips away, it’s nice to have a full end-to-end year to gauge how things went.

Against odds last year was great. I worked with some fabulous people, did work that I was deeply proud of and grew far more than I could have hoped. So I face Round Two happily wishing the old man the best, and winking at the cute l’il baby.

Here’s to a fine new year for us all.