by Omatic Design

BANKS HAVE, it’s fair to say, an image problem. Despite depressingly anemic attempts to market themselves as friends of the commonweal, everyone taking in oxygen is pretty much aware they’re total doo-doo heads. The larger specimens are outdated rusty machines that have an unpleasant tendency to screw everything that moves and screw up everything that doesn’t. Credit unions sound like a delightful hands-round-the-world alternative, but in practice they follow the same playbook, just with a different infrastructure (I’ve yelled myself hoarse addressing my CU’s transgressions more than I ever did to Bank of America). You can consider the modest benefits of mid-sized, regional or downright local community banks, but they’re still banks. We’re stuck with the concept of banks. Banks with lousy lighting, weak online services, incomprehensible products, desultory employees, lame posters promising you a hassle-free kitchen remodel and three clowns in front of you who are apparently there for recreational purposes. And you just know there are a bunch of those crusty dudes from Mary Poppins in some secret leather-walled room smoking cigars and laughing at orphans.

Obviously there’s great potential for change in the consumer space. With the implicit promise of “Banks Are Totes Stupid®” comes Bank Simple. The name is the promise. A promise that all these bad times are in the rearview mirror because stuff is about to get all dang simple-like. Simple like rubbin’ two pennies against each other, oh, that sweet sound. Except it’s gonna be all online and mobile and stuff. And they’re not a bank.

And it surely is a promise since they don’t have diddly happening at the moment, just a site, and a promise to go live with their promise. Their teaser/invite campaign is an effective way to promote this supposed new breed of banking and it’s getting some good play. It’ll be very interesting to see how the public responds to the real thing when they throw open the digital doors. And, hey, count me interested in the new thing.

But, dear heavens, look at that banal logo. It comes shuffling straight out of Corporate Identity For Polyester Blend Suits 101. I wish they would have taken take some time to create a brand identity that didn’t look a Totes Stupid Bank.