Urban Ironic

by Omatic Design

I LEARNED to use Freehand in the eighties like all the other computer newbies. You could stretch type! Like, any way you want! What a neat tool! I immediately proceeded to stretch type to unreadable filament narrowness and called it awesome. But then it became quickly apparent that it was bad idea to go and make type look, shall we say, fucking stupid because the tool would let us.

BUT. Now formerly admired brand Urban Outfitters has gone whole hedgehog with a website refresh that takes me back to those glory days of horror. Go take a look. It’s the most brainless, unenjoyable retro-eighties reference I’ve seen in awhile.

UO used to be at the top of their game design-wise if not product -wise. Some pretty nice work came out of their internal crew and they reached out to the hotshots of the time. Now, I’m seeing a visual brand decaying before my eyes in pursuit of some kind of design irony.

It ain’t ironic, guys. It’s ugly and—wait for it—fucking stupid.