I quit Facebook: #6 Bummer, man.

by Omatic Design

It makes me kind of sad.

The concept of social media has profound potential. To bring us together across long distances. The hope that greater intimacy can be nurtured among the people. Communications unencumbered by physicality. Immediacy in world formerly used to delay. Each of us is the center is the center of his or her world and the idea that that world can be shared among everyone is, well…totally awesome.

But social media, lest we forget, is an umbrella term applied after the technological tools were invented for all this hurly-burly 360° communication. And as a newborn tool that’s readily embraceable, the behavior that follows is in constant baby-step flux. It won’t be long until there are social media philosopher talking heads weighing in on how society is changing at the same clip as Moore’s law.

What we have now is a world of tools made available wholly by the patronage of advertisers. Free, as I’ve said, ain’t free. And while we chirp away in the etherverse, we’re being watched, recorded and analyzed.

I’m that guy who is in the field and doesn’t want to be part of the statistics and platforms he finds himself working with all the time. Of course I realize I’m kind of deluding myself. There’s no true privacy to be found in a life led online. But I’ve found Facebook to be such a egregious, careless violator that I decided it just wasn’t worth it. So, as a thinking consumer exercising choice, I told Facebook to suck it.

I miss that feeling of connection. But we’re people like people have always been and we’re adaptable. My need for socialization can be met, albeit in slightly less convenient ways. It makes me feel good that people have reached out to me by way of other communication channels such as phone calls and, you know, being in the same room. It’s of course amusing how a phone call is now seen as an intimate means of communication. I keep this in mind as I grouse and grump about this new-fangled social media claptrap. Ah, silly perspective.

The concept of social media will find more meaningful platforms. Of this I’m certain. And, despite my current misgivings about the tools, I have absolute faith that it will eventually be a wonderful thing. Right now is just the wrong time for people with contrarian temperaments; it feels like predators are in the midst of all the high octane, high speed jocularity. We, the founding members of the Gimlet Eye League, have our gimlet eyes on the proceedings. Perhaps the time will come when the host is a little more benevolent. In my faith, I envision tools and platforms created in an open source environment, created by community for the greater good and without a concern for profit. It might sound a little anti-capitalist but I guess I don’t see our evolving social structure as monetized environment.

I think I’ve missed some parties. Maybe a gallery invite. Some birthdays to be sure. Hilarious insight from the smart asses I roll with. Pictures of puppies.

What a bummer. My number is 503.278.0535 if you want to call and comfort me. Or invite me to a party. Or tell me I’m a dipshit.