I quit Facebook: #5 “Playground Rules”

by Omatic Design

MOST of the Facebook lamentations I hear are about how much of a time waster it is. Fair enough. It bloody well is. Some of the other grumblers mention how they have friends for whom they have no interest or love. How about that. And then there are the questions of proper behavior. What if I don’t accept an invite? What if I “de-friend” someone? What if I express an unpopular opinion and get picked on in public?

As we all wade into the nascent constructs of social media, we’re finding new ways to be insecure. The social media world is being in 2nd grade all over again and nobody has any idea of protocol. If anyone pays the slightest attention to us, we’ll hang by the swings or share milk. Tee freaking hee!

My lamentation is this: I realized that I was putting up a trivialized version of myself to the wider world. We spread ourselves so thin on Facebook and other channels that we’re little flawed, badly drawn cartoons of our own design. I found I was suddenly the sum total of random thoughts (some admittedly posted while inebriated) and a few photographs. I felt I had allowed myself to become all artifice.

But now, if I’m gonna say stupid shit after my three martini lunch, I’m going to do it in person. You’re welcome, world. See you by the swings.