Manifesto v1

by Omatic Design

This is serious.

OKAY. Everyone settle the heck down.

Here’s what we’re gonna do.

We’re gonna put on fake mustaches and wigs and sneak into fancy restaurants. We’re going to strut with our brains on our sleeves. We’re gonna roll around in the most perfectest idea ever and pat each other’s back numb over le mot juste.

Only crappy mac & cheese comes out of a box. Of this we are acutely aware. Sometimes we’re going to disagree and kick sand and throw around large appliances. That’s okay, we all have strong opinions and quick reflexes. We’re gonna drink beer and use cuss words. Ass.

We fully intend to look and talk smart whether The Dummies like it or not. We’re going to use words like ‘craft’ and ‘beauty’ without fear of anyone beating us up. (Perhaps even ‘profundity’ if it’s a Friday.) We’re gonna say snarky stuff with dry, ironic typography. No sighing, deep breaths only. We’re going to ring doorbells and hightail it. And if anybody gets pinched, we’re gonna bail them out.

We’re gonna aim the for the fences. I’ll tee up the ball. You point.