I quit Facebook: #2 “Free ain’t free.”

by Omatic Design

“It’s free, and always will be.”

What a tagline! In a world of of disingenuous horseshit marketing statements, this ascends to the gold standard. I don’t recall anyone ever asking if Facebook was free, but they’re kind enough to remind us. This is like BP tarring and feathering a million unicorns then pointing to the horizon, “Look at the rainbow!” This big cuddly corporation consistently treats us like we’re drooling idiots.

I’ve compared Facebook to a big party where the asshole host is rifling through the coats on the bed. And every time someone starts barking about privacy concerns, these yahoos talk about how it’s free while they’re pawing your wallet. If Facebook wants to create a business and a brand that will endure, they’d better sharpen their game.

Of course, it’s pretty obvious they don’t and won’t. I can guarantee you that anyone in an executive position is not in it for the long haul. This is a fleeting diversion, not a 100 or even a 20 year brand. They’re all just holding on to their stock, basking in an incredible amount of publicity, waiting for the crest and then they’ll cash out. Nobody with their finger on the pulse thinks the glory that is Facebook is more than yesterday’s news a few years hence.

Funny. It’s starting to smell like a long con.