Design + Strategy

by Omatic Design

KORD DAVIS, erstwhile coworker, Digital Strategist and all around Smart Specimen hosted a thinking person’s dinner a little while back. In the pleasurable company of some smart and engaged peers I had the chance to tackle the relationship of design (or, let’s say “creative”) and strategy.

[I just wrote and deleted the line, “And, dear god, there was blood everywhere!” because I wanted it to be funny. It ain’t funny. I’ve been in that room in the past. It wasn’t pretty so I left the room permanently.]

It’s important to look deeply and collaboratively at how the disciplines work together (and how they work) and how to not allow things to descend into shallow power positions, ineffectiveness, disrespect and crappy work. These dinners will hopefully be ongoing since we only scratched the surface and there wasn’t enough wine to make it really crazy.

Kord has promised some whiskey next time for its thought provoking qualities. He’s quite the guy.