Google’s Bing Thing

by Omatic Design

THIS MORNING I went to Google searching for a pair of adult floaties (summer is coming) and found they’d started dropping in full screen images of well shot panoramic whatevers. Oh look, a person sunning on a dock. How lovely. Why, this almost reminds me of…

…MEANWHILE IN REDMOND, the crew at Bing, Microsoft’s perennially fighting search engine, is likely cracking open champagne at six in the morning, giddy over how their arch nemesis just took a shiv to their own brand identity. Fill those coffee mugs, guys!

Google’s identity is defined by white space, their unsophisticated logo and simple little day trip changes that pop up sporadically (they just came off the screaming success of Pac Man). People love it, they take comfort in it. And now all over the etherverse you can hear the rising wave of voices saying, “Holy crap, did I type in Bing?”

Considering Google’s success with minimalism as the core of their brand identity, you have to hope it’s a sarcastic swipe at Bing. But, no, it’s a mistake that shows they’re inexplicably lacking confidence in an identity that’s much beloved and accepted.

Update: 5:25 PST. They’ve pulled the plug. They listened to the people. It was annoying anyway.